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Sexological bodywork

Sexological Bodywork is a new profession, certified in USA by the state of California, with unique healing and relaxing effects. We are proud to introduce - on the kind request of the founder of this profession Joseph Kramer Ph.D. - the Sexological Bodywork to the Czech Republic.

Sexological Bodywork can within the short time of one or more sessions increase your vitality, energy and feelings of happiness. It also functions as an effective solution to and prevention of many health problems. SB works with the body, movement and breath, and uses the principles of Mindfulness to bring awareness to your body. For more information about SB, see

For men

Personal development sessions:

  • increase your vitality
  • energy and happiness
  • gain the ability to experience fully your body in excitement
  • learn about erotic massage
  • relaxation of the pelvic floor
  • ...and much more.

Healing sessions:
Sexological Bodywork can bring solutions for problems with:

  • erection
  • premature ejaculation
  • traumas
  • problems with sexuality in a relationship
  • ...and much more.

For women

  • increase your vitality
  • improve your health and ability to enjoy the present moment
  • increase your sensitivity and enjoyment during lovemaking
  • learn to accept your own body
  • heal insensitivity or low sensitivity in vagina and/or pain during intercourse
  • heal your scars after childbirth or operations, traumas, feelings of guilt, and much more.

We highly recommend especially our program Enjoyment and healing.

For couples

  • deepen your relationship,
  • increase the quality of your intimate life
  • learn erotic massage
  • solve your intimate problems
  • ...and much more.

What to expect on a session?
According to the client's request, the session can take the form of a consultation, or movement and breath exercises, bodywork, etc. In case of using touch, contact is at any time only received by the client and the bodyworkers stay dressed during the whole session. The price for bodywork session is 2000 CZK/hour.

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