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Our vision

Our spa was created on the basis of a longing to provide people – men, women, couples and friends – with an opportunity to be caressed by touch in a refreshing and safe atmosphere, which combines the skill of classic massage with the tenderness of human love. Through touch, which nourishes, relaxes and fulfils. Thanks to which one can then feel joy in one’s body and in one’s life.

Our massages are holistic, and apart for a body massage, they may include a massage of the intimate parts – massage of the yoni for women and massage of the lingam for men. Thanks to caring and sensitive touch you may thereby relax from all stress and expand your sensuality into your intimate parts, which commonly – both men and women – use and abuse exclusively for the purpose of rapid sexual satisfaction either of themselves or their partners. Tantra rests on a holistic approach to sexuality. It is not concerned with developing a sexual longing (although it is commonly and mistakenly hence interpreted today), but instead – with a deeper understanding of one’s own sexual energy, its flow throughout the body and its significance in partnership and in life.

We created Tantra Spa Prague not only as an oasis of refreshment and relaxation in the desert of stressful lifestyles, but also as an opportunity to understand one’s own sexuality and intimacy on a deeper level, and enrich one’s life outside the framework of the massage space. Men and women leave with an enhanced understanding of the possibilities offered by varieties of nourishing touch, and in their private life this helps to create more love, intimacy and fulfilment.

The experience of the massage can become a gate into a world full of pleasure from life and love. Our masseurs will gladly guide you on this path.


Mgr. Denisa Říha Palečková