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How to deepen your massage experience? Receive your massage actively.

Would you like to have more intense and deeper experience during the massage? Would you like to awaken your life energy more and fulfill your whole body with joy and happiness?

Learn how to receive the massage actively.

Be the architect of your own fortune!

There are three things that are the most important for the active receiving, 3 keys: MOVEMENT, BREATH and SOUND.



It brings the energy into the body and helps to circulate it better. It is the same with sport. We can feel much better, much more energized and with higher amount of the life energy even after a very difficult training.


Breath is connecting ourselves with feelings. If you deepen your breath, ideally for the whole massage, it will enable you to feel more. You can notice that we automatically stop breathing when we experience something unpleasant in our lives. The body decreases the possibility to feel the potential pain this way. But if we are not in a danger and we do want to feel more, we should deepen our breath consciously. Conscious breath work can enable you to enter the states of trans or ecstasy.


If you make sounds or gasps, it will help you to spread the energy into the whole body by the means of the vibrations that are created by the sounds. The energy built in one part of the body then can spread quickly into the rest of the body. We recommend using the above mentioned keys not only for receiving the massage, but also when making love with your partner and also in your daily life. Whenever you remember, you can consciously deepen your breath: when driving to work, walking, shopping, cleaning the house or working on a computer….

We very welcome the active receiving of a massage in Tantra SPA. If you use one, two or ideally all three keys, you will experience much deeper feelings during massage.

"The massage exceeded my expectations. I have never experienced anything like this until now.”

Try to use these three keys during the next massage too.

For men we also recommend to use the BIG DRAW technique, which will change the local arousal into the whole body bliss, which will last long after the massage. We will send you a video about the Big Draw in our next newsletter. We are looking forward to your next visit.

Denisa Palečková, the founder of the studio and the whole team of Tantra SPA.

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