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Tantric massages for women

Tantric massages:

Classical massage

Let yourself rest, relax and get pampered by magical touch of our masseurs and masseuses. Enjoy this amazing massage, which improves the flow of your life force. Surrender to the sensual, loving care, that will not only touch your whole body, but also your soul and you will feel, as if you want this massage to last forever.


Massage De Luxe

Discover the magic of tantric massage, which will awaken and deepen your sensuality and perception. Love filled touch will fulfill your body with pleasure. In this massage you will receive an exceptional care, which includes touch by hot towels, fur gloves, feathers and so much more. At the end of it, you will feel like a true Goddess!

Royal Massage

Sensual tantric massage that begins with a ritual just like it was originally performed in ancient times. In this 3 hour ritual, let yourself be carried away by this magical, love and care filled massage. Allow yourself to feel on your own body and mind, how powerful and yet very sensual this experience can be and how it will satisfy your desire for love.

Mystical Massage

Learn how to feel like a sexual Goddess and recharge your body with energy and confidence. In this massage we include all of your senses and will care for you with extraordinary attention and love. It gives you a chance to feel everything that tantric massage has to offer in its highest quality, where we have plenty of time to deepen your experience, as well as building infinite amount of energy, loving care, sensual feelings and relaxation of your whole being. It gives your body and mind a chance to feel true pleasure, awakens your sexual energy and gives you an opportunity to enter new dimensions of perception, which you may have always wished to feel, but only imagined it to be a part of your fantasy. This ritual deepens the awareness of your sexuality, that you have long forgotten to feel as we used to feel in the past and which we desire to feel every day.

Non-tantric massages:

Art of Touch

Reviving, revitalizing whole body massage, that helps to keep you young and fills your body with a joyful energy that you will love. It is a deep relaxing ritual, based on an ancient tradition of tantric massage, which helps you feel the affects on your body and soul a long time after it is over.

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