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When can I stop by?

You are welcome to come any day of the week – including public holidays – from 10 am to 10 pm. Please do book the time in advance. It is best to enquire at least 1 day in advance, but you can call on the day of the desired massage.

What should I bring with me?

“Bring” yourself, the fee for the massage in cash and a little extra time for a discussion before and after the massage, a shower etc. Clean towels, shower gel, shampoo – we will provide for you.

I am 65 years old, is the massage for me?

We welcome men and women of all age categories. It is never late for a new and beautiful experience!

Can we massage go a “bit further”?

No. This option is absolutely excluded. During the massage you are in an accepting role and you may enjoy in relaxation whilst we massage you. You experience passively. We want to create a clear framework for sensuousness and contact. It is not possible to massage us.

Is it alright if during the massage I become aroused and possible get an erection?

Yes! Tantra massage relaxes and recharges energy. Sexual energy commonly concentrates in the pelvis, and awakens during the massage. Commonly we experience this as arousing, which is why tantra massage can be so sensuous. We welcome what comes naturally.

I have problems with erection, is the massage nonetheless suitable for me?

Yes! Lingam massage (intimate massage for men) is very pleasant regardless of erection. Delight spreads throughout the whole body. Tantra massage can have a positive influence on psychically-based erection dysfunction. Thank to the framework, without pressure or fear, you can relax deeply and experience your own sensuousness in a very intensive manner.

I would like to get a massage together with my partner – is that possible?

A very warm welcome! We offer massage for couples in one room or in two separate rooms. You can choose to get a massage from a man and a woman or from two women from our team. Many couples chose this as a gift from an anniversary or a different day, which they wish to enjoy beautifully.

Can the massage enrich my sexual life in a partnership?

Definitely! Whether you come together or alone, the touch which you receive is great inspiration for intimate touch in partnership. Moreover, during the massage you may encounter new dimensions to your sexuality. If you so wish, the masseur will teach you how to work with breath and spread sexual energy throughout the entire body (for more, see the Big draw). This method of energy circulation through the body originates from Taoism and supports the spreading of pleasure throughout the body. You will leave full of regenerating energy and each of your cells will be dancing with joy!

Whilst making love, I do not feel much and I tend to stay out of contact with physical pleasure. Can the massage help?

Yes! Thanks to the framework without pressure or expectations and loving and attentive touch you get the chance to reveal new dimensions to your experience. Tantra massage touches will address not only the body, but also the soul. Especially for women, the key to one’s own sensuousness lies in the connection between the body and emotions – contact with what you feel in the heart. The safe framework of tantra massage and the sensitive approach will encourage this.

Who will massage me?

Our team consists of women and men, who are genuinely keen about massage, tantra, energy techniques and healing. They are thoroughly educated in tantra massage as well as other techniques for working with the body – classic massage, Thai massage. Shiatsu, craniosacral therapy, lava stones massage, Hawaiian massage, Reiki, to name a few. Most of them regularly assist at tantra and tantra massage seminars with Tantraworld.

Can ejaculation and orgasm occur during the massage?

It may occur, but not necessarily. We support both men and women who come to us it their development of sensuality and a holistic appreciation of their physical experience. The touch may be arousing and during an intensive massage of 1,5 hours or more orgasm may occur as a natural conclusion to the experience. For others, it is important to receive without pressure, enjoy the sensuous and loving touch without an aim. Both options are possible! The aim of the tantra massage is to awaken your energy, hold it and spread it through the body. Prohibitions and judgment are irrelevant here.

Is it possible for my partner to accompany me to the massage and watch?

Yes. Please request this option when booking your massage.

Is it possible to buy a gift certificate for a massage?

Yes! You can either pick it up personally (please agree of the time via email or phone 777 858 864) or we can send it to you by post upon receiving payment by bank transfer or by cash on deliver.