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Tantric massage for me is a tender touch, touch which changes our life path. My work is deeply affected by personal experience and interest in human being.
Love, Klara

2012 - Assistance to Body and Stress Courses
2013 - Deep Neck Massage
2014 – School of Holistic Sensual Massage
2015 - Fundamentals of Coaching
2015 - Certified Professional Training in Sexological Bodywork 
2015 - Assistance to Courses of Denisa and Richard
And many other courses on personal development ....


I want to thank Klara for my Royal massage. It was quite incredible experience. 
It was quite over powering to see the trust, kindness, desire to give in her eyes. How can a stranger want to give me so much? But from the moment the massage started and I looked in her eyes, I knew I could trust her. 
As a man with responsibilities, initially it was quite hard to relax and to receive. But she guided me with love and care. Working with my mind and body, Klara relaxed my body and relaxed my mind. Klara was patient and caring. 
As my body and mind relaxed I began to enter a different zone. It is a hard feeling to describe but it was if Klara was proposing a different way of interacting with her and with women. She treated me as a man, but not in a sexual or erotic way. She connected with me on a very deep way based on care, love and respect. 
It was very subtle but powerful. Much deeper than feeling relaxed. My perception of time changed. Had I been with Klara 30 mins or 2 hrs? I didn't know. 
Thank you Klara from my heart, for such a giving me such an experience, 

Recently I received a tantric massage from Klára and it was an amazing experience.
I have never known such intensity and yet such inner calm! Klara has a touch that you feel immediately that she is so well experienced and she makes you feel so warm and welcome. This was an afternoon like no other - intensely relaxing, and intimate. Klára is a beautiful, tranquil and sensual person. The experience as a whole was out of this world and all my expectations were surpassed! Thank you Klára :)


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