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Beloved clients, men and women.
I welcome you in my vignette and wish you to have fun reading these words.
With love and smile, Tara

Shortly about my life with massages...
When I was about seven I had my first regular customer, because my mom loved the foot massage, and thus probably started my professional path as a masseuse. In a certain way I have dedicated to massages all my life, I went through an intuitive back massage, classic sports and reconditioning massage, whole series of teaching loving touch in the form of tantric massage including assistance, healing massage, acupressure, until I came into the key moment of studying sexological bodywork, which significantly anchored my direction and in which I found myself.

Massages ...
During massage I usually use my intuition and knowledge of classic as well as alternative education. With clients, men and women, I work on three levels:
- PHYSICAL BODY, which is a fantastic key, it serves as subconscious of each one of us and leads us in a substantial way;
- MIND, which through thoughts affects 99% of our actions, incl. behaviour of our body, and
- HEART, in terms of emotions and feelings that are our driving force and can greatly speed up or slow down the healing process.

I work with the intention in each massage, because I believe that energy can be directed. Above all I work through my heart, with understanding, compassion and caring of a woman who herself once walked through this process and thus has her own conscious experience. When assisting Denisa and Richard at seminars I often hear from women that they admire my inner strength, capacity to be wild and vivid that visibly radiates out of me, and at the same time motherly care and delicacy with which I approach them. Now I also help to stimulate this energy or flowing life force in my clients.

What I enjoy ...
I enjoy the complex work with people where as a guide I can through the physical body and often also through mind and heart help to re-establish harmony and natural order and flow of life energy, in particular I enjoy most of all the work with vaginal mapping, work with scars.
Furthermore, I am interested in alternative methods of personal development, for example systemic constellation, meditation, work with the mind and feelings, regressions, spiritual causes of diseases, Chinese medicine, yoga, shamanism, and more.

My goal ...
My personal goal in life is spiritual development and knowledge at different levels of being (body, mind, heart). This direction also depends on my individual work with each client.

Studies related to massages:
2013 - the internationally recognized study of Sexological Bodywork
2012 - European Academy of Somatic Education (EASE) - Professional Training of Holistic Sensual Massage
2009 - Course of Sports and Fitness Massage

References of clients:

Vaginal mapping - the story of the weekend, you can read here.

Other reactions from clients from Pleasure and Healing Program are HERE.

Dear Tara,
I would like to thank you very much and write a few lines. Just at the thought of the possibility of VM, I had very different feelings. On one hand, my lengthy and long-term painful feeling that I do not experience my love in connection with making love in a way I would wish, and on the other side, fear of anything new, unknown and mysterious. Just the thought and also the distance to you made me hesitate. But it also was a new challenge, a new impulse how to solve my problem. I kept naming things for and against, but challenges also bring new experiences. My experience was absolutely fascinating and even long time after our first massage I could not reconcile all feelings I had experienced. I was looking forward so much to the second one. The third one I already perceived as if I already became a part of all I wished to experience. Wonderful feelings from a place that breathe with oriental magic and a great VM that, due to you, enabled me to feel and change something inside. I know that’s only the beginning, but today I know that one can change a lot with your help. At the beginning I could choose my guide, I now realize that I have chosen right, you Tara. Thank you for everything, for feelings as well as for my emotions. I will gladly continue this path and let you guide me.
P.S. I found an angel who lives on Earth
Monika from Zlín

Hi Tara, so many strange things are happening, I do not manage to follow or register them. Now first in short to the sessions - I felt fine, but inside I had a kind of a sad emptiness or there was hopelessness and helplessness – I just need to process all the sensations (mostly the emptiness), some of them I still cannot recognize. There is a strength behind it, but I still experience difficulty to enjoy, to experience joy. Yet, I encounter things that are nice and make me quite happy. I consider it very important that I notice them. Thank you for your help, you have a special gift and way how to show direction.

A. from Slovakia


Lovely day, dear Tara,
thank you very much for the fourth session. I’m glad we could meet again. I wanted to “save money“, but the pain of the pelvic floor and back made me to do something else. Thank you for the time you gave me, for your sensitivity and patience, for hearing me and leading me to my dream. Thank you, that I could trust you and just talk and thank you for the massage. I feel that something has changed again, and I’m different. I do not know how and why, and even though I had rather „gutted“ and an empty feeling just after the massage, I was very relieved and I actually felt relaxed after a long time. I do not know whether it had an effect on the little one, but since Saturday night until yesterday she had fever, was very tearful, sensitive, did not eat much, so we just breastfed according to her needs and usually at night. Even thought I slept even less than usual, I felt great, and when I told to myself during the first almost sleepless night “what day will come tomorrow, I will be probably so sleepy“ but then I stopped and said, it does not have to be so. After all, you have repeatedly told me that I can decide how I’m going to be or feel, so I tried it and it works! I am far more balanced and stable, full of well-being and perhaps even happiness. During the weekend I felt enormous gratitude and love, and thank you very much. I enjoyed my new feelings. Although the massage was very different compared to mapping and even I felt it was not so magical or healing, I feel a great change and my shift. With the feeling of emptiness in my pelvis, it is all of a sudden different emptiness, this emptiness is full, happy, balanced, so as it should be. Thanks to your massage and relaxation probably something really old and useless left, something that squeezed me inside and pulled me down. Quite special and different was also love making with my man the same evening after the massage. It was beautiful and passionate, but I still had a problem to feel him inside me through this „new emptiness“ which upset me a bit and I slowly said farewell to my climax. I did not want to stress, after all it is not the most important thing, though pleasant ... and then it came. Deep orgasm came in a moment when I left my head and in addition to the magnificent waves of energy and life there came out of me a wonderful sound, I did not just scream with excitement, but released there came out of me a kind of an old song. I was so surprised that I started apologize to my husband to make sure he is not afraid, because I „sang“ longer and more. The sound was coming out of me somehow on its own and wanted and it was getting more and more and it was wonderful that I immediately thought of „singing“ with you at the third mapping. Thank you for a wonderful experience and your great leadership, guiding, massaging, for your intuition and experience.
J. client from Prague

Hi Tara,
I send impressions from mapping.
First session
- I felt uncomfortable, sometimes pressure, sometimes even pain, but it was interesting and nice to feel how it dissolves with deep breathing
- Tingling in the hands, vertigo
- very helpful was your “instruction“, how to breathe, vocalize, at one point even slapping the deck chair
- Point 12: a feeling of pressure as during a childbirth
After the first session
- A strong sense of relaxation, self-love, flowing energy (like after orgasm, yoga or Reiki)
2nd session
- Pleasant feeling that the scar let go
- A slight discomfort, always went away after a while
After the second session
- I felt great, like reborn, balanced, relaxed and pleasantly high
- But it soon faded - I let nonsenses to upset me, then I was angry at myself
3rd session
- Intention: to dissolve the pressures, stress, fear, inhibitions and pain that prevents me from making love with my man
- On some points a weak uncomfortable feeling, on others neutral, sometimes as if it did not concern me
- Very unpleasant and painful sensations on 12 deep inside + outside pressure on the lower abdomen - bladder, something was definitely loosened, but a lot must have stayed there
- Maybe this is one of the causes of physical pain during sex, at the same time it is perhaps a reflection of fear - especially fear to open up, because I’m not sure if my husband will respect my boundaries
After the third session
- A slight release
- joy that we came to something new that maybe causes my problems, while also a little dissatisfaction that I have a lot of work to do in front of me 
After 3 sessions
- I feel better in my body, I sense my vagina more, I think of myself and my relationship to my husband.
- I come to the conclusion that physical pain during sex was mainly of psychological origin and probably partly originated in the bladder (which is actually also a psychological issue).
Anyway, I noticed quite a big change for the better, I think due to mapping and retreat for couples.
Thanks again for your great sensitive approach.
L. client

Dear Tara,
I write the promised feedback on the VM session. Overall, the session was very pleasant to me, surprisingly enough I was able to relax and „not be ashamed“ and I’m sure you managed to gain my trust. As for the actual treatment, I think you really know what you are doing. I cannot yet say specifically what has changed and what has not, perhaps only that I can always tune in to the energy that was awakened during the session and feel it (gently). During lovemaking with my partner I tried to get to „enjoy it more“ and it really was not such a nuisance as usual (though I think I’m still at the very beginning of the journey). But otherwise, immediately after the massage I felt good, relaxed, but later in the afternoon I started to be really tired and I had to go to bed very early. After the third session, perhaps I will be able to tell you more. The place was also very pleasant and there was nothing that I was unhappy about.
H. client

Read what a client wrote to Tara after completing „Pleasure and Healing“ program with her:
Vaginal mapping - the story of the weekend, you can read here.

It was Sunday 8th March 2015. I knew nothing all day. Then in the evening my beloved wife brought an envelope with the address, saying enjoy the surprise. I got out on Velehradská 10 and things got connected (I have been here already). I’m telling myself. This is unbelievable, what a perspective from my wife. Sending me to a tantric massage. She is a woman of dreams !!!! The surprise have overcome my expectations already.
And I had no idea what awaits me yet!
I entered a salon full of fragrance and harmony. Bliss began to penetrate me. Tension, nerves, excitement, question marks, expectations ... Here they are, feelings that I kept me busy until the beginning of massage. Tara (the masseuse) broke them like nothing even without words, her aura and love to her mission lit up the whole room and created a hall of calmness and pleasure.
The ritual can begin.
After half an hour, each my cells vibrate with pleasure. “I wonder whether it would never end.“ The experience deepened and intensified. Tara´s hands full of space and experience spilled me all over the room. The excitement was so strong that I stopped to check myself and allowed to be carried away by Tara’s instructions. Intensive deep breathing, pelvic dancing and loud voice release fired me into a pure land. I had arms and legs like made of paper, my head was lit up and I laughed like crazy for about 20 minutes. I did it!
I experienced orgasm without ejaculation the first time!!!!!!
Stored energy did not fire out, but went straight in the heart. Two days later and I still feel the power of this experience. :-)))))))))))
Tara has opened another huge door of knowledge for me. Every man should experience this orgasm and he would never want otherwise :)) For women this form of orgasm without ejaculation is more common. I thought for a man it was impossible !!!!!
And it is possible !!! Thanks to Tara, thanks to Kačka (my wife who enabled this)
It’s incredible sex life enrichment for all !!!!! I look forward :-))
I recommend :-)))
PS: I have been to a tantric massage about four times, but this experience exceeded all others by far. Heart orgasm that really goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot me!
Good luck to all :-))))

Holistic Tantric massage – 27. April 2015
An important notice about working with voice, breath and body during massage was crucial for the experience. Likewise the fact, that I allowed it to myself and went into it the way I felt. For the initial release, it was important to align with Tara in terms of strength of massage and exhale. That’s what I particularly enjoyed in the earthly touching while the strength of exhale allowed me to accept to the maximum possible extent the strong touching of Tara.
In the next stages the strength of the experience was based on working with the voice. This enabled the feelings from massage not to stay on the body surface, but take them in, experience them fully and then let them out through voice. It allowed to receive Tara’s touch in the fullest way even on places that are ticklish or painful. Likewise, work with voice enabled me to enjoy fully even the moments of a very strong massage.
This description is not entirely accurate because the voice and breath cannot be completely separated. Both of these components were present and I enjoyed them to the fullest.
On the other hand I did not make much use of the body work. I believe that the experience could be even “stronger” through this means. 
Regarding description of experiences, it is difficult to describe, but I have experienced such a bliss for the first time.
The most important part for the experience was, as I see it, that I had no expectations and I had complete confidence in accepting what was gradually coming.
What surprised me on a massage:
Start was a ritual: if I had any inner fear of massage during ritual they were dissolved.
Back massage “under sarong“ brought surprising range of emotions, the rag does an awful lot of work for a masseuse.
An important beginning, the earthy touches, which, in cooperation with my breath and breath of Tara contributed to the release.
Lying down, here I dared to fully receive Tara above myself and in exhale I handled the energy that was coming.
Surprising scale of feelings during working with feathers, especially with those solid ends.
Rabbit gloves and the oil afterwards completely relaxed me to work with anal massage.
I am glad I went into it. Pleasant was that we agreed to do it just before the event.
Regarding the anal massage, I cannot fully assess it on the scale of feeling like – dislike, it is somewhere in the middle. But looking back even now, two days after the experience, I feel that it opened up some energy that keeps flowing.
Rotation and a nice head massage.
A shoulder massage was very strong for me, Tara went into it fully and I enjoyed it appropriately loud.
Strong experience from the end of peacock feathers.
Gloves and oil nicely prepared the intensive end of the massage.
One of the greatest experiences was when connecting the heart and the penis when Tara seemingly did nothing, but I enjoyed the energy that was coming. Here I went into it fully and allowed myself the first big draw.
Massage of the penis was then a completely unique experience. I do not know how long it lasted, but it seemed that it was an eternity. I took a few more draws and in moments was hovering somewhere nearby.
Wonderful. Although ejaculation was not planned, it was nice and from my view appropriate.
After the massage I was pleasantly tuned. My stage “after“ was proportional to the fact that throughout the whole week I slept about six hours a day. On the energy level I was not super energetic, but also was not “finished“.
Two days after I feel that massage greatly contributed to my general capacity to sense the body and I am even more receptive and sensitive to the surroundings. (For illustration, I add that I spent four days before this working rather intensely with the topic of feelings and emotions in my life, and so I let myself go into it fully with everything). So much for my feelings.
Thank you Richard for having made it possible and to Tara for commitment and energy she put into the massage. It gave me a unique experience never to be forgotten.

Hi Tara,
Thank you for Monday dose of energy. There is an incredible power in you that you can pass forward.
At the same time you did not let me fly away (after those draws, I was quite curious to what extremes it could be taken).
I feel that to get my feet back on the ground was very appropriate.
The most valuable was your note on the heart. It evokes emotions in me and that is good. So far I understand it so that a bad back might be a result of “walled“ heart.
I believe that you have a talent to capture what is important.
So thanks again for massage, for feedback, and especially for what you are.

“It was amasing experience for me. In the first part of the massage I saw some visions and kind of fragments of my past lifes. At the second part on my back I saw you were like an artist painting beautiful colors mostly green and purple through your hands all over my body.”
L. from Mexico

Hello Tara, 
You had taught me the 'Big Draw' a few days ago and then taught me how to massage my wife. 
We wanted to take a moment to thank you for the time you spent teaching us. It was a very enjoyable lesson and I learned many valuable things like how it is important to be soft and slow on the inside. 
Also, the three keys that you taught of breath, movement and voice have also been extremely valuable. The Big Draw is also an amazing technique and I'm glad I have learned it. 
Overall, we thank you for your patience and compassion and hope that we can visit Prague again for more lessons. 
V & D


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