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Vaginal Mapping

Self-development healing massage programs for women

To open ourselves to love and joy…

A program for women who desire to experience more joy, love, openness, sensuality, embodiment and direction in their lives. A program for enhancing intensity and quality of sexual experience.

Do you want to feel more love, fulfillment, happiness and enjoyment?

Do you feel you could or you should experience something more in your life and your intimate life? Do you need an effective healing of physical and psychical scars, injuries or insensibilities caused by delivery, surgery or abuse?

If your answer is YES to at least one of the questions above we have an offer for you – one of the most effective techniques – by touch, which will increase your sensitivity and dissolve your old traumas and pains on both physical and psychical level.

Vaginal Mapping – a revolutionary technique of touch

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“A lot of women that I meet feel somewhere in the depths of their bodies and their souls that they could and should experience MORE – in life as well as in the intimate area. More love, more fulfillment, more sense, more joy, more depth, more passion… In the handbooks for improving sexual life there is usually a number of technical manuals, making a sport performance of our intimate life rather than they would lead to a fulfilling lovemaking and bliss. The above mentioned handbooks´ “tips and tricks” often do not have much effect, since the path to deepening female sexuality does not go through stronger stimulation, but through increasing the woman´s sensitivity, through anchoring in her own center, through opening and devotion. Instead of “adding” techniques and stimulation we above all remove and dissolve whatever obstacles there may be to experiencing the depth and the intensity of full bliss.” Denisa Říha Palečková, coach and co-founder of Tantra Spa Vinohrady.

Sign up to the program of work with the body Pleasure and Healing. The program offers a series of sessions with an experienced therapist using one of the effective techniques of Sexological Bodywork. Sexological Bodywork is a new profession developed in the USA, which has extremely healing and revitalizing effects.

During the initial interview we will find your intention and your requirements and the lessons will be assembled individually to your needs. They consist of practical exercises with our therapists who will go along with you on the way to enhance your ability to experience and feel the intimate parts of your body through a loving attentive touch.

You will learn how to bring more consciousness and loving attention to those parts of your body, which are the basis of life and of our life energy and vitality. You will get an ability to experience deeper, may also release old blocks, tensions, and to open yourself more to the love and joy.

It is also possible to heal scars, injuries and insensitivity caused by delivery, surgery or abuse.

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Denisa Říha Palečková: Vaginal mapping

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„Is it better to participate in the seminar first or to attend an individual session of vaginal mapping? What is the difference between the seminar and the individual session in Tantra Spa?“

Both is offering something, and even though the method is the same, the experience is often different. There is something what only seminar can offer, and something, what only the individual session provides.

Seminar – some of the differences between the seminar and the individual session:

1)The explanation of the method directly from the lecturer Denisa Říha Palečková, who introduced the vaginal mapping to the Czech Republic within the frame of Sexological Bodywork. She holds the Pleasure and Healing seminars for amateurs and professionals in the Czech Republic since 2012. 

2) At the seminar there arises a unique „healing field“ through the active participation of many other women. The experience and the shift of every single participant has an impact to other women. Many of you may experience that the group training (for example yoga, Zumba,…) is much better and more intense than when you do the same thing at home. Here, in addition to this effect occurs also the enrichment of every woman on the inner plane through the experience of other women.

3) The seminar includes also other techniques of work with body and breath for deeper relaxation and releasing unneeded.

4) You can bring your partner, your friend, your boyfriend to the seminar. Someone, who will learn the technique and with whom you can continue in the sessions even after the seminar. You will also get acquainted with other people who will learn the technique and you can arrange some following sessions together.

Individual session – advantages:

1) You are working with an experienced massage therapist. The therapists are already highly skilled and they represent top quality guides for you. (Important: find out where you are going, to whom you are going, what is the therapist´s education and experience, what references does he/she have).

2) It may be easier for you to relax better with the privacy (although some women relax better when they perceive the relaxation of other women in the seminar, and it inspires them).

3) You can come alone to the session, or if you wish so, even with a partner. An individual session can also be held as teaching. Some women want their partners to learn the technique. In this case they often choose the option to participate with their partner at one or more sessions (VM is offered in the package of at least 3 sessions). We can explain him the whole procedure, to teach him, or just let him watch and to be present, to support. Many women, however, prefer to be alone at the session, at least partly. They can feel more free, in the sense that they don´t feel the need of explaining what they are going through, what they experience and why.

Individual sessions, in turn, gives the opportunity of the experienced therapist and the receiving woman gets a space just for herself. The sequence of the session is also an advantage because the VM is really a „path“ which lasts longer then only one session or one day. Certain topics and experiences are opened the first time, then they phase out. The woman can see the progress she has done at every other session.

Lots of women choose both the ways. It´s not of a big importance what to choose first. Perhaps the explanation and such specific „energetic initiation“ to the atmosphere of mapping at the seminar is better for the start. But not necessarily. During the individual session the therapist also introduces the framework of vaginal mapping.

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Video-reference about vaginal mapping:

Martina a Lucka

Because we know that this technique can help to thousands of Czech women to en effective treatment, improvement of their intimate life and getting a global life joy and vitality, we offer it under more favorable conditions than our common sensual massages.

The program will help you to accept your own body, to make your love life better and to increase your life energy and vitality.


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We are looking forward to meeting you,

Denisa Říha Palečková and the Tantra Spa team