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Self-development program for the real men

Do you want to learn one of the strongest way how to fulfill your body with health and vitality?
Do you want to learn how to transform a short-term arousal followed by tiredness in a long-term bliss with a huge amount of energy?
Are you interested in changing reality thanks to the sexual magic?

Then it is You, whom we want to invite to the new unique self-growth program “Gladiator”, that can change your life.

You will learn:
- how to stay in a state of wakeful presence during the moments of strong arousal
- to transform the arousal and tension into the bliss and energy
- using the technique “the Big Draw” –how to energize the whole body and fill it with bliss for the following days or weeks after the massage
- to heal your body and strengthen the chosen mental qualities
- the sexual magic –the possibility of creating your own reality through the conscious focus on intention
- and much more…

The program GLADIATOR consists of four 3hours sessions. Each session includes minimum of 2 hours massage including the intimate massage plus up to 60 minutes consultation.


The program has three levels:

1st level - “the Big Draw” 2-3 sessions, each app. 3 hours
There-within the two sessions
you will learn how to fulfill your body with energy and bliss using the Taoist technique ”the Big Draw”.

2nd level - “Personal transformation” 1-2 sessions, each app.3 hours
The third session
is dedicated to the use of the raised energy to strengthen your chosen areas of your life (work, your life mission, health…).

The third level - “Sexual Magic” 1-2 sessions, each app. 3 hours
During the fourth session,
you will learn the methods of the sexual magic, this will enable you to realize your dreams and to change the reality according to your wishes.

You can also enjoy the program in different varieties, depending on the number of masseuses taking care of you. One of the varieties-Gladiator Plus involves one session with two masseuses. The program Gladiator King offers one session with two masseuses and another one session with even more-three masseuses!


Each of the variety involves four sessions in the length of 3hours and the same-three levels.


Choose your variety of the program here:

Gladiator BASIC - 4x3 hours sessions with one masseuse
15.900 CZK

Gladiator PLUS - 4x3 hours sessions, one of them with two masseuses
WE STRONLY RECOMMEND - this will be an unforgettable experience!

17.900 CZK

Gladiator KING - 4x3 hours sessions, one of them with two masseuses, and another one with three masseuses

Try, how the governors feel being taken care of many women!
22.400 CZK 

You will choose your favorite masseuse. You can also choose a masseur.


Upon completion of any of the above mentioned program you will gain an extra:
- Loyalty card with the everlasting discount of 20% on our services
- 30% discount on one holistic sensual (tantric) massage – whichever length you wish
- 500 CZK voucher on any course led by Denisa Říha Palečková and Richard Vojík


Make your dreams come true! Start to change your life right now!
Book your session today on email or tel. 777 858 864.


You can also pay the programs in several payments.