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Hello, welcome.
The name Venus is the symbol for womanhood. That is why I chose this name - because you can feel what can I offer to you. 
My way to Tantra Spa was clearly visible but it took me several years to come here. I feel I am on the right place here. The first sign showed up in 1999 when I had finished my first massage course. I perceive that the most powerful method to work with people is the BODY WORK. It brings you to feel the present moment, to allow you to RELAX deeply, to feel the PLEASURE. In this hasty time it is very beneficial for us to stop for a moment, to switch off our brains, let ourselves to be cuddled and to learn how to receive actively. I have the best work in the world and what more I feel the deep sense of it.  
The Work in Tantra Spa
As I like to say about myself - „I love to light up the lights of my clients.“ I love to work with massage and vaginal mapping so that people leave our Spa lit and enriched. I am looking forward to meet you. Venuše


1999, Retraining Massage Course, ARTIRIS
2016, Holistic Sensual Massage, EASE, Ing. Richard Vojík, CSB a Mgr. Denisa Palečková, CSB
2017, Core Touch, (work with intimacy, sexuality etc.)  EASE, Ing. Richard Vojík, CSB a Mgr. Denisa Palečková, CSB

Other courses:

2011, TFT/EFT, Jana Vetešníková, C.I.
2011/12, Hypnoterapist, Jana Vetešníková, C.I.
2012, Series of Couching Courses, Neuroleadership Group
2013, Yuen Method, Jana Sklenářová
2013, Emotion Release, Jana Sklenářová
2014/15, Master Hypnoterapist, Jana Vetešníková, C.I.
2015/2016 OneLife Personal Training, Michael Barnett (UK), Německo


Liberating, the release from time and space, other solar system. Thank you very much in this Christmas time. R
Hello Venuše, thank you for your massage, it was beautiful, I did not manage to thank you before. My mood is nice, your massage tuned me in. Your touch is present and with lot of sense. I felt cared with love. Thank you, Jirka
Thank you Venuše for lovely moody experience. I leave your place different - as a Goddess. Hanka 


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