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I came to the tantric massage and holistic bodywork after a long period of studying various energy systems such as Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Kinesiology, EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique and META-Medicine (which also deal with the psychological origin of all diseases). I was engaged with issues of self-acceptance, self-love, discovering one’s own borders and fear of abandonment brought from childhood as well as from the behaviour of my parents and their ancestors. Meditation, ancient tantric exercises, meetings with healers and shamans of various cultures as well as tantric teachers from many countries led me to the path of healing the physical, emotional and mental bodies.
Tantric massage can be energizing, relaxing, healing. After the initial interview, you can choose according to your feelings and needs which type of massage is the most suitable for you. You may want to release, ground yourself or be brought to activate all your sensory perceptions through gentle and loving touch. Massage can also turn into meditation, when unconscious processes wake up and will lead you to a higher spiritual sexuality and more sensitive body.
You can also order individual healing sessions for men, women and couples. I focus not only on men but also on women’s sexuality and pregnant women. I encourage all to try out anal and vaginal mapping combined with holistic healing approach to your needs. Massage and mapping of intimate parts help to transform obsolete emotional patterns and programs into new useful ones. These allow you to live more meaningful and more loving life not only in relationship, with yourself, but also with your surroundings.

- FAMU – Director - Master’s degree
- Australian Tantra School - Dakini, Taoist techniques
- International Schools of Temple Arts (ISTA) - Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Techniques
- School of Holistic Sensual Massage (Denisa and Richard)
- Sexological Bodywork Training
- Mystic massage training with Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita and Nisarga - Tantra massage from the Kashmiri and Taoist Traditions.

You can order a massage from Maya in the Tantra Spa on days of her service or agree on prearranged date.

You can make appointments with Maya for individual healing sessions designed for him or her as well as for couples. She specializes in both male and female sexuality. Pregnant woman also welcome to share in the healing. Massages and mapping helps to reset old patterns and create new functional ones. Recommended are anal and vaginal mapping in combination with holistic healing approach.Maya's journey to tantric massages and holistic body works was developed through years of studying numerous varieties of energy practices. These practices have included reiki, reconnection treatments, inesiologie, Emotion Freedom Technique and meta-medicine which recognizes the psyche as he origin of all physical illness. She believes that many personal issues and problems that manifest in our adult lives are our own history that stem from childhood and often inherited from our parents and even ancestors, and tantric massage therapy is a good source of healing for these matters.
In order to get to where she is now, she has had to overcome many of her own personal challenges such as gaining self awareness, creating healthy boundaries, finding self love and overcoming fear of abandonment. Meditation, ancient tantric exercises, encounters with healers, shamans of different cultures and tantric teachers from number of countries have lead her to the road of treating physical, emotional and mental health for not just herself but for others. During her world journey Daniela with holy men, shamans and healers that helped her to discover the world of holy sexual magic.
Tantric massage can be energizing, relaxing, healing.
At the in-take interview, Maya assess your needs and together you can decide the most suitable treatment to pursue. Would you like to relax, get grounded or activate all your senses by gentle and loving touch. Tantric massage can also lead to meditation where your sub-conciseness awakens naturally achieving higher spiritual sexuality and body sensitivity.

Maya will enrich your life by bettering your partner relationship as well as the relationship with yourself and your surroundings.

"This type of massage I had was magicaly awsome.It helped me to get rid of my spiritual pain and revealed for me new powers that it was hidden deep in my body. Thank you a lot Maya "(Libanon)

"I new thought a massage could be a spiritual experience. I feel utterly transported and transformed thank to Maya." (LA, California)

"The massage was exactly what I expected it to be plus more. Will definately be recommended it to other people. Maya was amazing. her touch so gentle and loving." (Paul from Melbourne, Australia)

"This type of massage I had was magicaly awsome.It helped me to get rid of my spiritual pain and revealed for me new powers that it was hidden deep in my body. Thank you a lot Maya "(Libanon)

"I new thought a massage could be a spiritual experience. I feel utterly transported and transformed thank to Maya." (LA, California)

"The massage was exactly what I expected it to be plus more. Will definately be recommended it to other people. Maya was amazing. her touch so gentle and loving." (Paul from Melbourne, Australia)

Thank you for a very surprising and thought-provoking experience.
I am reminded of the end of a well-known English poem:
He went like one that hath been stunned,
And is of sense forlorn:
A sadder and a wiser man,
He rose the morrow morn.
I wonder if I can change.
Thank you.

I had heard about Tantra through pop culture references like Sting's reputation of being a marathon lover etc. I signed up for the Gladiator Plus program which consists of 4 intensive 3hr sessions. Maya is a professional and expert teacher with a deep and pround understanding of Tantric energies. Through our many discussions and exercises I was able to gain a tangible understanding of how they work and more importantly the power they hold. The biggest thing I was able to learn is how to control the sexual energies released by having an organsim without ejaculating, instead, dispersing and spreading that energy throughout my body. For men, we often feel tired and 'spent' after ejaculating. The Tantra experience allows you to not only have as many orgasims as you wish, but leave energized and as a highly tuned and sensitive being. I feel like I'm a 14yr old boy again, easily excited by anything and everything. I very highly recommend you speak with Maya if you would like to become a Tantric Man. My only regret is that I didnt learn all of this years ago!
Ryan - Canada

Hallo Maya!
Regarding the tantric massage I had a kind of minimal and quite distorted set of information, primarily from friends who already attended it. Needless to say, in their description it was all about sex (I want to note that they are mostly highly educated and with some exaggeration even enlightened folks). And, given that I thank God to be very happy and satisfied person in sexual area thanks to my wonderful wife and great partners, and I’ve never felt the need to know more. Oh, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa. This was changed by the Christmas present I received this year as it was a pre-paid visit to the studio. Of all the texts that are on the web at individual “tantric” practitioners the one from Maya raised my interest at the first sight. And as the biggest joy is the shared one or given, I have invited my friend Eva to join me. Eva has chosen Peter. 
It might be difficult to understand and accept to those, who are not quite willing to consider energy level and their interactions. Others may perhaps know what I mean. What is therefore the result?
- An enormous build up of energy - in head and body – to the massage I came quite exhausted - thanks to my very demanding and often stressful work. I came out of the door again as a “Hercules“.
- Harmonisation and inner peace – I have a hot temper and at times I can go mad even for things that are not worth it - rebirth of calmness and perspective for me is an incredible event.
- Connection between my head and feet or the ground - I cannot describe it, I as a technocrat I do not have the right vocabulary, but I feel somehow that my “I“ does not stop at the waist or penis, but runs all the way down to the legs or ground and from there goes back up - as if I was somehow more full, more whole or so.
- The night before I had to pass my stomach contents into the toilet about 2 times – as I accidentally consumed something wrong. So prior to the massage my whole stomach was in pain and during the opening ritual I got sick to my stomach and my head was spinning so I had to ask Maya to a faster move towards bed. As part of the massage Maya has focused on the abdominal area and somehow like with a powerful “magic“ she caused my belly to become 100% OK. Unbelievable.
- Else, it has opened in me some other window for sensing myself and surroundings, again I am lacking the correct dictionary. I feel, but it is yet only momentary so statistically insignificant sample (but we shall see), that I began to solve things which I had been avoiding for a long time - like if some blocks had disappeared from me.
- And now a little bit about sex – it is there. It is all over the place, but it’s not what it is about for me. Even within the time when Maya, and it must be said that once again it was the top, paid attention to my intimate parts, I have perceived more energy than the typical hot stuff, which I know from having sex with a partner. It was great how Maya sent my legs and belly into a heavy trembling. The surprise came when I expected “the“ climax and then at the very moment Maya immediately found a perfectly muffled all burners and the climax went somewhere inside me + later she has theoretically described and explained why she did so.
- The last interesting thing was, that in that room during the massage - 2 hours - the temperature rose by an estimated 7-8 Celsius degrees - energy can be transformed and not simply cancelled and it just flies there – thus it only changes its form.
- And finally this applies to my girlfriend Eva - apparently she enjoyed it with Peter too, but that’s not to me to write about, perhaps just one quote: “The coolest was that the whole time I felt to be 100% female.“ I was very happy about it as well, as she is in comparison with me more withdrawn, and still she enjoyed the action. So Maya and Peter - thanks to both of you and one extra big thanks to Maya on my behalf! 
See you soon
Your “loving warrior“ 

Hallo Maya.
Let me thank you for your Wednesday’s work at least this way. What I felt and have experienced thanks to you were strong feelings and states, mainly unexpected, some of them completely unknown to me. When you spoke to me afterwards, I heard you, but the content of your words found its way into my head only partially. I did not comprehend much. Such a strong beauty it had been before! After leaving you, I had to fully concentrate even on crossing a street. Yesterday I was at home part of the day alone, I recalled and re-imagined.
Maya, you have enriched my life and made me hungry for further knowledge and even getting to know myself.
For this I thank you very much once again and wish you a nice weekend.

I experienced a program for women called “Pleasure and Healing“ with Maya.
This process takes place on an unconscious level. The results and the changes have exhibited in the outside world later on. In the conduct of myself and people around. Gradually, after three sessions I started to perceive more of myself and those around in a different way.
This treatment is not a walk through a rose garden for me. Sessions are quite demanding. And days and weeks later I often underwent cleansing and transformation processes, often perceived painfully (the pain was mental when I later, on Maya’s advice watched videos in order to reflect on or to support my need to cry), but also at the same time I felt a deep inner cleansing and that what is happening helps me.
One of the big changes that made my life easier was that my fear of people (mainly men) diminished. Suddenly I can talk with them face to face, I am not ashamed and don’t run away from them. Certainly also because I no longer feel ashamed for myself. I do not need to defend myself and explain my behaviour. And I also do not need to explain people that they are wrong, or that I got it right and why. I understand that each person experiences the situation in one’s own way and interprets it differently. And I cannot convince them. Now I do not even want to do it.
I also found the courage to say at work and the people around me what I do not like and ask them what needs to be done.
Great benefit is that I am more in touch with myself. I am more aware of my borders, have a better understanding of how people affect me, what different situation bring up in me. Not only emotionally, I focus on the physical manifestations. I perceive what I like and what I don’t clearly and I express it.
I dare to do things I wouldn’t do before. I stopped to be so much afraid of the world and life.
Thanks to the “Pleasure and Healing” program I changed view of myself, the world, life and the way I experience it. I am gaining more insight and I managed to step out of some bubble in which I lived. I feel more free and I am very grateful for the choice and for this knowledge.
Maya is a very empathetic, careful and dedicated masseuse. And a lot more as she puts a piece of herself into her work. She is a very perceptive, sensitive woman who still supports me on my journey of transformation. I thank her for that so much.
With love Katka

I wish to thank Maya for today’s amazing experience. She has been a great guide for me through a new world. I appreciate Maya’s sensitive approach and the kind of atmosphere she managed to induce. I felt like in paradise :-) I left charged with euphoria and positive energy stays with me even now. Today I just let myself to be taken away by beautiful touching and as if from a distance, only watched my reactions. Some of them quite surprised me :-) I am quite interested to learn more about my body.
I’m so glad I met Maya and really look forward to further cooperation.

I do not know if I manage to find the right words. I still linger in yesterday’s extraordinary experience, that I was able to relax and open up was mainly your work, Maya. You played on my body an amazing concert. I would not believe that at first meeting with an unknown woman I may actually experience feelings of such an intimacy, trust and closeness. The strongest for me was a prostate massage, where after the initial inner hesitation I experienced feelings of true ecstasy and utter surrender.
Thanks again. M.

Anal mapping:
At first I was “disintegrated“. Then I put myself a bit in order, and the next day I was already full of energy. I felt much freer and suddenly things did not bother me so much- I did not need to defend myself nor fight - basically some emotions of other people suddenly had no effect on me. And I also began to understand a lot of things, for instance how it actually all works - I realized that the anal area is so intimate that men who do not massage it (and thus do not emotionally clean themselves on regular basis), that there in them settles a lot of emotional pain – and that is why it sometimes hurts during mapping. At first I felt resistance against the pain, but when Maya told me not to fight it, but accept the pain and assimilate it - that was a turning point. And those emotions afterwards – at first it was complete indifference to everything (the day after), and then greater strength and mental endurance in everyday life - and that is actually connected with a great joy when one discovers that outside events and reactions do not have such an influence on him and he lives in his own joyful world. One has more energy because the emotions do not suck it out of him anymore.. And the pain gradually goes away through the massage. And when a man goes into the pain, does not fight it, experiences it and accepts it, then he starts to do the same in his everyday life. I notice it on me a lot, mainly that I am far more resistant on emotional level. The anal massage was a very strong impulse that has opened up for me all this knowledge.
Thank you very much Maya for this experience Jiří

I addressed Maya because of dysfunctional sex, I had been refused by my almost ex-husband, saying that he does not need sex. During treatment, I gradually perceived that I began to accept myself, love and forgive myself. MY HEART WAS HEALED. I forgave men. I got a well paid work in my profession after 18 years spent at home with children! I began to experience an amazing fulfilling lovemaking with my former partner. I allowed myself the pleasure, my Vagina became VERY SENSITIVE and JUICY. I write the former, because thanks to Maya I got to know my own value and ended the relationship. It was hurtful to me, slowly became based only on sex, which is too little for me. I highly recommend Maya, she is amazing, absolutely wonderful, I want to book with her again.
Thanks to Maya I believe that I am able to have a loving partner, a great job and a happy family life.
I am very grateful for getting to know you!
Love, Sara

I went to Maya because I lost enjoyment from sex, which I failed to deal with for many years. Already during first sessions I noticed breaking of many barriers that had tormented me. The muscles around my vagina became strongly relaxed. I was not even aware of how much tightened I had been for so many years! A big milestone for me was a trouble-free visit to gynaecologist, first after eight years. I felt it as a confirmation of my recovery. After the first session, which was the most difficult, I began to feel much more interest in my body, wardrobe and how do I feel in it. I also started to feel my vagina again. I was able to admit certain traumatic memories related to abuse, with whom I have fought since their emergence and understood that they really had happened and that these experiences were the real cause of my problems. After the second session I felt as if someone had thrown a closet full of stuff out at me. With my boyfriend I had several erotic experiences, for which I longed in vain for a long time and I started to believe that I also can experience pleasure. My approach to masturbation has changed. Practices I used to be very ashamed of I now see as a way to give myself pleasure. My first visit to Maya coincides with the period when my income had increased dramatically, which had a positive effect on my self-esteem. At the third session, I had a very strong magical experience of contact with my spiritual ancestors and with my own power. Although my decision to sign up for treatment was a great deal of courage, it was richly rewarded. It has been only three months, and I do not see my original problem as a problem anymore, my compulsive interest in my own sexuality ceased, and my interest moved into areas that were asleep for a very long time. I highly recommend Maya, I’ve never met anyone with such a remarkable gift and combination of different techniques.
Hana, 26, Prague

I’ve heard of Tantra through links of a pop culture star Sting, and how one may become a sex champion through it. When visiting Prague, I went to Tantra Spa and signed up to Gladiator Plus program with Maya, which consists of four intensive 3 hours sessions.
Maya is a professional teacher and expert with a deep understanding of Tantric energy. Through our many discussions and exercises I was able to get tangible grasp of how these energies work and, more importantly, how to keep them inside me. The most important thing I’ve learned is to control and release sexual energy by having orgasms without ejaculation, and spreading this energy throughout the body.
We men often feel tired and “exhausted (burnt out)“ after ejaculation. Tantric experience not only allows you to have as many orgasms as you want but you stay energized with a higher tuning (vibration), and you become a more sensitive being. I feel that I have become again the 14-year-old playful boy, to put it simply- enthusiastic for anything and everything. I very highly recommend meeting with Maya, if you really want to become a tantric man.
I only regret I did not have known and learned all this years ago!
Ryan – Canada

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